Wednesday, June 27, 2012

A Stab in the Eye on a Winter Day

Some fine winter days near the 12 Apostles recently. The days might even have been considered perfect, at least for June, if not for being bombed by the constant cycle of noise from the Origin gas plant – we emailed the EPA about the demented industrial sounds but so far have yet to hear back. 
We used to send correspondence also to the Corangamite Shire but have given up on them in much the same way they seem to have given up on safe guarding this coast from inappropriate industry. 

That's all for now - have to go and stab myself in the eye: tis a far more pleasant thought than spending any more time contemplating the Origin gas plant or the Corangamite Shire.
More About Waubra Foundation and Noise Watch Inc
Noise Watch Australia Inc and the WaubraFoundation are organisations that have been confronted by a lack of relevant assessment of development conflict by the planning system, especially before the system approves change that dramatically changes  landscapes and causes extraordinary stress in people’s lives. 

While there is no public money to undertake evaluation, and while affected neighbours are often excluded from the development process by the authority, the changes are solely in the hands of the proponents. 

When fallout from industrial sites such as the gas plant increases regulatory responsibility  falls to the EPA to ensure safe conditions. The under-resourced EPA failings in country areas is a tragedy.

Because of these failings the responsibility is with the company to provide evidence for EPA prosecution. Of course, it doesn’t happen, particularly when noise and vibration is the stress source. 
This genuine interest by the above groups in our plight perfectly highlights the failings of both the Corangamite Shire and the EPA to act on what is increasingly recognised as a debilitating issue for the local residents here, and critically, for all Victorian.  Sadly the situation is similar in other Australian states.

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