Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Corangamite Shire Fails Locals

Does anyone live in a place where their local council or shire supports you when problems arise?

If so, can you let me know where that is for once again the Corangamite Shire has failed to act, failed to answer questions posed to them. It is hard not to draw the conclusion that the Corangamite shire is short of ideas.

Part of an email to shire CEO Andrew Mason is below. The questions posed in it remain unanswered:  

Given the recognised failings of the EPA I can think that there is no other reason except expediency which motivates the Shire to again refer the gas plant noise issues to the EPA? I hope I am wrong but councillor Griffin's comments certainly highlight the Shire's perceived lack of urgency on this matter.

My family's amenity continues to be comprimised by the gas plants at Port Campbell.

How do my family and other effected residents get the Corangamite Shire to view the health of some of their residents the way councillor Griffin does?

'A group of Victorian councils will call on the planning minister to investigate claims that wind farms cause illness.
"The wellbeing of our residents is supreme," said Moorabool mayor Pat Griffin.'
The Weekly Times May 30 2012

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