Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Backpacker meets 12 Apostles Gas

I am a twenty five year old English girl, making my way around Australia on a working holiday visa. I have been living in Port Campbell for the past two months, and am failing to comprehend the necessity of a gas plant in one of the most beautiful spots in Australia.

The Great Ocean Road is renowned for it’s beauty, and is something that, as Australians, you should be extremely proud of.

The gas plant can be seen for miles around, particularly in the evening, when it appears as though a small town has developed in the midst of the fields. Although it can be seen during the day, once the sun has set, and the lights from the plant appear, the picturesque views that were once available in Port Campbell are no longer available.

I find it astonishing that a country the size of Australia could not find another spot for a gas plant. Was it that the developers were left with no other option other than to develop in a place which attracts thousands of tourists each year, has some of the best views in the world, and is home to a majority of native species and vegetation?

The noise coming from the plant is also of major concern. On an average day the noise is an annoying droning sound. However, on a number of days the noise is reminiscent of a small force of fighter aircraft above. This is no exaggeration, the sound coming from the plant is that bad that I often find myself looking to the sky expecting to see a helicopter.

As a tourist, and someone who has travelled throughout Australia I do not understand the logic in the location of this gas plant. I think some serious questions need to be asked, and more importantly answered.
Yours sincerely
Jodie Channing

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