Sunday, June 24, 2012

Corangamite Shire and EPA Failings Highlighted

Our endeavours to fight the inappropriate the conflicting industrial development, the industrial drone that comes from the Origin gas plant, near Port Campbell, the Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles, have been heard by others, notably people from Noise Watch Australia Inc and the Waubra Foundation

We made contact with Waubra Foundation CEO, Sarah Laurie, after seeing the ABC's 7.30 Report. Sarah's genuine interest in our plight perfectly highlights the failings of both the Corangamite Shire, Origin Energy and the EPA to act on our concerns about the gas plant and its invasive noise, to act on what is increasingly recognised as a debilitating issue for us and other country Victorians whose lives are cruelled by industrial noise.

Sarah kindly put us in touch with Gary Goland from Noise Watch Australia Inc
" Working with others in our community to challenge the failure of our development and regulatory systems to deliver quality of purpose; change to engage public interest, to recognise the harm and cost of continuing to ignore [noise] conflict, is the best chance we have of gaining recognition for what is happening.  Cross disciplinary input is desperately needed to evaluate cause and effect for public interest, given planners, and regulators administering our law, are  not doing a thing to ensure public safety.  Poor management is connected to more than noise intrusion.  Happy to assist where I can Greg."   Every location is different even when the threat is the same."

Gary Goland, Noise Watch Australia Inc

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