Sunday, July 8, 2012

Gas Developments Answer for Asian Tourism

I'm off to Asia soon. Going on a tour of some of its great sites, to ramble about its islands, its temples and its history.  There'll be visits to Phuket in Thailand, Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Hue in Vietnam.

Of course I'll also be making time to visit all the gas plants, or at the very least all the industrial zones, that have been set up around some of Asia's most renowned tourism assets.

Oh hang on a minute I've got that wrong. Unlike what has happened near the 12 Apostles on Victoria's Great Ocean Road there are no gas plants or monstrous industrialism near Angkor Wat, a place that much like the Twelve Apostles is recognised the world over.

Perhaps valuable tourism assets in Asia have been protected from industry. Or maybe the custodians are clueless to how the glow of gas flares can add to a tourist asset, fill the night sky with light.  Just how wrong can these people get? Don't they want more visitors to their parts of the world?

Best I pass out the Corangamite Shire's contact details to some Asian bureaucrats.
The Corangamite Shire watched over the industrial development near a part of the Great Ocean Road and should be able to set the Cambodians, the Thais and the Vietnamese straight.

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