Thursday, July 12, 2012

Silent Regulators: Loud Gas Plants

The Origin gas plant near Port Campbell and the Great Ocean Road
There are massive amounts of industrial droning noise coming from the gas plants near the Great Ocean Road, Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles - we believe it is far beyond the 35db permitted by law. For my family the noise makes it far too loud to go outside. As ever, on clear and windless blue sky days we are prisoners in our home. 

 We understand the EPA met with Andrew Mason at the Corangamite Shire some weeks ago and we believe one of our suggestions - about delegating a resident (given the EPA do not have the staff to regulate) to conduct random noise testing was going to be tabled at the meeting.

Not surprisingly we have heard from no one about the suggestion or the details of the meeting.
The  bureaucrats are good at silence. If only they could apply such skills to the Twelve Apostles gas plants

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