Tuesday, May 31, 2011

A Note to Dan Tehan MP

The correspondence from Origin Energy gave Mr Rogered an idea.

So Mr Rogered fired off this email to Dan Tehan, the local Federal Member for Wannon (We have met with Dan on gas plant matters previously and found him to be a genuine fellow. This email will hopefully jog his memory)

Hello Dan,

we last corresponded in regards to the noise from the Woodside now Origin energy gas plant at Port Campbell.

Well, as ever, nothing has come of this. Our amenity is still massively impacted from this noise-polluting monstrosity that is unaccountably visible from the Great Ocean Road.

In desperation we have gone public with our battle and have started a blog which can be found here:


  1. I cant believe a gas plant could be built in such a high tourist area, how did it ever get cleared? It just makes no sense, money talks i guess...

    What next a gas rig in the Great Barrier Reef? Perhaps next to Ayers Rock, or maybe Kakadu National Park???

    Disgraceful, if i were you i would be involving 60 minutes, maybe current affair? Get your message out there - it is a disgrace, an aussie icon in ruins for filthy dirty oily cash...

  2. I thought Port Campbell was one of the jewels of the Great Ocean Rd?
    Furthermore, Tourism Australia spend millions on advertising the Great Ocean Road overseas, how is it ANYONE would allow a gas plant to be visible from it?