Monday, May 30, 2011

A Beautiful 12 Apostles' Evening

The sky is blue and tinged with the first of red from the setting sun. There is no wind. The 12 Apostles will be beautiful at sunset tonight. But it's not beautiful at our place. The gas plants (the Woodside cum Origin Energy plant is the worst offender) that can be seen from the Great Ocean Road are roaring away, polluting this perfect evening with their industrail droning.

Of course a sensible person might call the Environmental Protection Agency to complain. But we've got four years worth of emails to them. They once not so long ago told us they need to record excessive noise levels three times in one month before they can make a successful prosecution about noise.

The EPA have never once tested here three times in a month. We invested a lot of faith in the EPA and they have let us down horribly.

But back to that perfect evening. If the tourists at the 12 Apostles are really lucky they might be able to photograph the flame from one of the gas plants that permanently lights up the evening sky. Glows a fine shade of orange.

If the EPA or the Corangamite Shire or Woodside-Origin, anyone who supposedly should have a professional interest, were at all interested they would know this is our 70-odd complaint for 2010-2011 season of noise.

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