Monday, May 30, 2011

Twelve Apostles's Dawn

It's a beautiful morning near the Twelve Apostles on Victoria's Great Ocean Road. The bright blue sky goes brilliantly with the red sky of dusk last night.

Of course, some of us here on the Great Ocean Road have to deal with the industrial droning of the Woodside cum Origin Energy gas plant that was built within sight of the ocean road, one of Victoria's premier tourism attractions.

Some people might tell you industrialism goes well with a pristine coastline and the Port Campbell National Park. But here's a tip for tourists: don't believe them. Even heard a story about a tourist van that followed the lights from the great ocean road to the gas plant - they probably thought the gas plant was a town so bright are its lights. How disappointed they must have been to have found industrialisation on this great south-west Victorian coastline.

If the EPA or anyone were interested in regulating noise from the self-policing gas plants they would know that this is Mr amd Mrs Rogered's billionth noise complaint for 2010-2011.

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