Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Correspondence from Origin Energy

In response to Mrs Rogered's email (see earlier blog: Mrs Rogered sends and email to Origin Energy) we've had a phone call from Origin Energy about noise from the gas plant near to Victoria's Great Ocean Road. Mr Rogered has been informed that Origin Energy is willing to investigate ways to eliminate noise at the Rogereds' home. There was no word on what the noise eliminating buffer will be - perhaps a belt of trees on an adjoining paddock as a screen between the Rogereds' home and the Woodside cum Origin Energy plant - but this will doubtless open up a very long time line. We will consider taking bets that nothing is done before Christmas 2022. Sorry, that's a typo. Should read 2019.  No, my fault again, that's meant to read 2012.

Origin Energy also made it clear, keeping in mind this is before any noise eliminating work is done at the Woodside cum Origin Energy gas plant or even any ideas put forward, that Mr Rogered would be asked to sign a legal document advising that Mr and Mrs Rogered will no longer make noise complaints. Mr Rogered has always thought signing his life away a most interesting concept.

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