Thursday, May 26, 2011

Mrs Rogered sends an email to Origin Energy

Morning of Friday 20th May.

As i was woken with a huge blast of noise and a totally lite up house this morning at 6.25am i had to ponder about your gas plant again as we have for the past 6 years, I could not tell you how many times i am raged with anger to even think about the hours i have wasted angonising over our disrupted life in relation to that disgusting monstrosity that is in our backyard.

 I have heard your gas plant all week throughout the day and in the night - I am sick of all the excuses made and guarantees that all these supposed millions of dollars that have been spend by you to try to eliminate the noise that we hear - great!

We still hear the gas plant and the minute i go and stand behind the shed the noise is mind shatteringly clear. We sent a letter to you in December last year (2010) , we had a meeting with you a couple of months later and only when we have again contacted you and asked for a reply did we finally get one - clearly this letter was a major priority for you as is the care you put into your immediate neighbors, 6 months is a disgustingly long time for someone to have to await an answer on a major issue in their lives - and that answer as far as i am concerned is a load of corporate bullshit.

I am sick of the gas plant, sick of the way we are treated, the lack of respect we are given and mostly about your lousy excuses for noise improvement plans.

I will start with enlisting who ever i can to band with me in my fight with Origin Energy. I will do it as publically and as loud as i can, i will reach out to anyone that will listen to me. Our life is still being impacted by the gas plant and the noise that you create, regardless of what you think or whether you care.


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