Friday, June 3, 2011

Reply to the EPA and the Corangamite Shire

Mr and Mrs Rogered have had some extended correspondence with the EPA and the Corangamite Shire this week. Below is some of Mr Rogered’s email correspondence in regard to Mr and Mrs Rogered's decision to no longer follow the EPA's suggested protocols for reporting noise breaches.

Subject: RE: Gas plant noise
Date: Wed, 1 Jun 2011 14:02:56 +1000

Dear XXXXX, we have been following the EPA guidelines for some four years. Nothing has been achieved.

There has been no admission from anybody, not the EPA, nor the Corangamite shire, nor any of the gas plants, about our loss of amenity. Endless excuses based often on the grey area of the study of noise have been used to question our veracity and deflect responsibility.

We are tired of talk. Tired of inconclusive testing. We need somebody to suggest and implement tangible actions that will relieve the industrial pollution that inflicts our life.
We have long suggested the self-regulatory noise modelling procedures the gas plants employ are inaccurate. Have these ever been re-assessed?

When will there be some tangible action on the issue of noise that emanates from the Woodside cum origin Energy gas plant at Port Campbell? We are not confident it will be any time soon.

We have lost faith in the system. Four-wearing years can do that to a person

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