Friday, November 2, 2012

Senate Submission from the Great Ocean Road

3 November 2012

Massive noise from the gas plants near Port Campbell and the Great Ocean Road this morning. The EPA have a phone number they would like people to use to advise them of pollution, like when we are forced to experience what we call another gassing; toxic noise from the co-located Origin and TRU energy gas plants.

We've reported to the EPA number as other affected residents have but nothing ever happens. Some of these affected locals met with the EPA in February 2012 to discuss ways to make the gas plants accountable for their noise. Nothing has ever happened.

When will the EPA and the Corangamite Shire act to protect  people being affected by this industry which, given it regulates itself, is essentially unregulated since the EPA has no presence in south-west Victoria and the Corangamite Shire is impotent and devoid of ideas?

Perhaps the Australian Senate will hear, or at the very least read and take note, our recent submission to them on rural noise.

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