Sunday, November 18, 2012

Gas Plant Blows Up: Crows Blamed

One of the gas plants near Port Campbell and the Great Ocean Road "blew up" yet again today (approx 8.30am 19 November 2012). Though there are four gas plants in this part of south-west Victoria near the 12 Apostles there is every chance it was the Origin gas plant that 'exploded'. 

The diabolical roar and shooting flames looked remarkably similar to the other explosions of sound and the towering flame that is a regular occurrence at the Origin (formerly Woodside) plant.

Just last week (13 November 2012) a similar explosion happened and for the first time one of the spokes people from Origin decided to put a little spin on the 'explosion'. An Origin staffer wrote to us to try and explain the flaming roar that could be heard for many kilometres: "caused by a crow coming into contact with the main power source where it enters the gas plant and shorting out the circuit," they wrote.

What is laughably remarkable about this is that there is no admission from Origin about accepting responsibility for 'blowing' up this rural area. Pushed on this matter Origin would doubtlessly blame events over which they have no control and for which they could never have planned.

Though they might not publicly talk about that either because such an admission will raise the point about what other potentially far more catastrophic events has Origin not accounted for? 

it is now nine months since the EPA met with residents concerned about the life-wrecking noise coming from the Origin plant and still they have done nothing. The EPA are becoming much like the Corangamite Shire - on the issue of gas plant noise the shire has long been devoid of ideas and leadership.

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