Friday, August 12, 2011

Twelve Apostles Glow

Mr Rogered met a hiker at the Twelve Apostles recently.

The person had just completed the Great Ocean Walk. They asked me if I happened to know what the glow was that they could see from their campground at Princetown, some 20km from the Origin gas plant, at night.

When I told them about the flare and the gas plant that was visible from the Great Ocean Road, they were understandably appalled their sense of an uncorrupted coastal experience had been compromised. Elsewhere, people who live in the valley between the Origin gas plant and Port Campbell hear the Origin plant. Like ours, their lifestyle has been be compromised.

Sustainability is a significant issue for many businesses. It appears to be so for Origin also. I have taken the liberty of borrowing some words from the Origin website: “To Origin, sustainability means managing our business with a view to the future, both of our own business and of those affected by what we do.”

Could Origin please clarify if the above statement applies to everybody who is affected by what Origin does. Or is it just some people?

sincerely, Mr Rogered

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