Wednesday, July 27, 2011

More Gas Plant Explosions

Lunch time; 28 July 2011

Dear tourists to Port Campbell and the Twelve Apostles,

there is no need to be (too much) alarmed. That noise you just heard - the explosion-like sound - is just one of the gas plants they built near the town enduring yet another meltdown.

The operators, Origin Energy, tell us there is nothing to be concerned about. Origin and Woodside, the company who built the plant, call this an 'unplanned event'. Saves them being accountable to the EPA and the locals.

They're not particularly worried that our house shakes.

sincerely, Mr and Mrs Rogered

Postscript: The gas plant exploded again about an hour later. Two explosions in one day. For some visitors to Port Campbell explosions might go well with a visit to the Twelve Apostles. But explosion 2 might be enough to drive some of the tourists from the town. A helluva memory of the Great Ocean Road

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