Monday, August 15, 2011

More History of the Twelve Apostles Gas Plant

Mr and Mrs Rogered have at various times in their four-year fight with Woodside and now Origin - the companies control or have controlled a gas plant near the Twelve Apostles and within sight of Victoria's Great Ocean Road - pleaded with representatives of the Corangamite Shire, including its mayor, and the EPA to help them solve the problem of toxic noise which comes from the gas plant.

Mayor Makin was not interested in our situation. The EPA have never taken our plight seriously. Mr and Mrs Rogered's veracity has always been questioned.

In regard to the plight of Mr and Mrs Rogered, below is another history lesson. The first part of the lesson is an excerpt from a 2010 email Mr and Mrs Rogered sent to the EPA:

Dear XXX,
out of sheer desperation I send some figures from Woodside's own recordings in 2009. These recording were taken from near our backdoor

Woodside Readings from Sat 31 Jan 2009

LEQ average: 51.7dBA
L90 average: 40.8dBA

Sun 1 Feb:

LEQ average: 48.3dBA
L90: 40.8dBA

Of course, nothing has ever come of this or anything else


Mr and Mrs Rogered

Note: the gas plant is only licensed to emit 35db of noise. Noise is not a linear measurment and the above readings are more than double the licence limit.

For those of you still with the Rogereds here is another historical footnote. It's an extract from The Age (February 2011):

VICTORIANS have lost confidence in the ability of the state's Environment Protection Authority to do its job, according to a highly critical internal review.
It found the EPA had become confused about its role as an environmental regulator, had lost focus on prosecuting businesses and become ''fractured, reactive and inconsistent''.

The internal investigation was ordered last year by EPA chief executive John Merritt after damning external reviews by the Victorian Ombudsman and Auditor-General.

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