Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Little History

Mr and Mrs Rogered have some four years of correspondence, mostly based on complaints about noise.

No one, not the Corangamite Shire (with the exception of councillor Cummings), Woodside, or the EPA, apart from Michael Fitzgerald, have rarely taken our complaints seriously. None of our neighbours complain as we believe that, nearly to a person, all may have been bought out by the gas companies. Our veracity is constantly questioned.

But below are some interesting figures. The combined noise of three gas plants (Woodside cum Origin, TRU Energy and Sea Gas) is not  supposed to exceed 35 dBA.

Below are some figures a Woodside employee took from near our back door in 2009.
Woodside Readings from Sat 31 Jan 2009

LEQ average: 51.7dB
L90 average: 40.8

Sun 1 Feb:

LEQ average: 48.3dB
L90: 40.8

Of course, nothing has ever come of this or anything else

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