Thursday, February 17, 2011

Another Gassing

 The quote below is from a person who lives some three kilometres from the Woodside cum Origin and the Tru Energy gas plants. Both plants are near to Victoria's Great Ocean Road and the Twelve Apostles.

Mr and Mrs Rogered have deliberatley not included the writer's name. They cop enough grief for their stance as it is. One less person having to wear scorn is the way it should be. 

"I live some 3km southwest of the plant on the western side of the Port Campbell valley, and frequently hear the noise of the plant operating.
This takes the form of dull grinding sounds, mechanical whirrings, vehicle reversing beeps and occasional explosions of sound which can be quite disturbing. 
This is of course worst on those beautiful calm evenings when I used to like to sit outside and enjoy the evening stillness.  No longer can I do this.
I loved to listen to the crash of the waves on the outside reefs, knowing that tomorrow would bring good surf.  Now I no longer know whether it's the gas plant or the waves that are making the noise.  I find this quite distressing and a hugely negative impact on my life.

When the emergency flare goes off, sometimes waking me in the middle of the night, it sounds like a massive jet engine exploding overhead.  This can be frightening.
Some nights I am forced to wear earplugs to get to sleep.
Surely at 3km distance from the plant I shouldn't be able to hear anything, and certainly not if the plant was operating within its licence conditions."


  1. I'm not surprised you guys have had trouble with Woodside. in my experiences with them their ethics are . . .

  2. questionable at best. look what they are doing to the East Timorese.

  3. Hey guys, we were there camping last year and I was wondering what the noise was-You guys have been ripped off!. Energy Companies are becoming a law unto themselves when it comes to regulations and governments seem to be making it easier for them to do what they like. That's why went for solar. Now we don't get a bill and finally they pay us some money. This country needs some more foresight when it comes to energy and environment.
    We're with you in support and we'll follow your fight.
    One more thing, I thought Port Campbell was a tourist town! Why would council and other boffins do something in a place that might jeopardise tourism trade. Or are they also planning a Off-shore Oil RIg next to the apostles?
    Seems crazy to me. Get with Solar-bring on renewable and silent energies near homes and let people live in peace!.

  4. hey, zak. appreciate the comment. Yes, Port Campbell is suppossed to be a tourist town. The bright orange glow from buring flares go a treat with the night sky. We'll send you updates. and we might even be in touch when it comes time to going solar. thanks again

  5. Another example of big business riding roughshod over the rights and lives of the everyman (not to mention the environment) in the name of big profits. Speaking of which - I'd been concerned about the fact that I was signed on to Origin - this is the final straw for me, I'll be shifting my business elsewhere (and going by their bills they are making a decent profit from me alone!). OKay, so my boycotting of the company won't make a dent in the CEOs art and wine collection nor his vacation to Monaco, but every little - I encourage more people to boycott companies like Origin. It's still us, the everyman, that makes them, the bully, all the richer. If we band together, no customer, no holiday to Monaco.
    And some peace and quiet for Mr and Mrs Rogered...

  6. Thanks for your thoughts, Bamoko. rough shod is a grand description of how we are dealt with. boycott away.

    best, mr rogered