Thursday, February 17, 2011

About Us

We, Mr and Mrs Rogered (not our real names) live on the coast in south-west Victoria, Australia. We're near to the renowned Twelve Apostles and the Great Ocean Road. For some four years we've been fighting against Woodside and Origin, just two of the companies that were inexplicably granted permission to build gas plants within sight of Victoria's Great Ocean Road (the Woodside cum Origin plant is the only one visible from the Ocean Road). They make our life hell with noise and gas flares and explosions of sound that shake buildings more than a kilometre away.

Of course, as a lone voice it's very difficult to get authorities to listen; not even the EPA seem interested in battling these modern Goliaths. Anyway, enough sop. We thought there must be other people like us who have been rogered by the lies, deceit and mis-placed self-righteousness of big business.

So, if you've been shafted, let us know We'll keep you updated with our fight along the way


Mr Rogered

P.S. world-class and iconic and jaw-dropping and beautiful and majestic and amazing and . . . (sorry: pause for breath) are other much-abused words used to describe the Twelve Apostles. We use them here on the remote chance a few more key words will lift this blog from the nether regions of Google et al.

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